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    Lighten Up Official Video


New Single 'Lighten Up' Out Now!

We recorded a Japanese version of our new single Lighten Up.



Citizens-European Soul - With-Logo (physique)


IT'S HERE !! Our 2nd Album "European Soul" is avaible to pre-order !

Pre-order it already and get the Lighten Up - Cesare Remix instantly !

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European Soul is our attempt to bring together the defiance and uplifting emotion of classic 60s American soul, with the electronic, quantised grooves of European dance music.

It was also a great excuse for us to record the album in a beautiful European city (paris), watch classic European Cinema (La Dolce Vita), drink Cognac (Remy Martin), and listen to James Brown live albums on endless repeat (Live At The Apollo).

It’s one part Otis begging his lover to stay at 3am over cigarettes and coffee, one part Freddie Mercury strutting his stuff on a  dance floor in Munich with Bowie and Iggy. (It may be Freddie, it may be Mike, the memories blur) There’s a bit of MJ and Dusty in there too.

We're incredibly excited to be bringing it to you very soon.